Chuck and Blade

This cut of beef is typically a rectangular cut about 1 inch thick and contains parts of the shoulder bones. It is often referred to as the “7-bone steak” in reference to the shape of the bone. It is usually grilled or broiled and has an incredible savory taste.


Your incredible pulled beef  cut! Brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of beef. It is one of nine beef prime cuts. When properly cooked or smoked this cut is extremely tender and delicious.


This cut of beef is the shank or leg portion. Due to the constant use of this muscle by the animal, this cut tends to be tough and dry. It is best when cooked for a long time in moist heat. It is extremely lean and is often used to prepare very low-fat ground beef.


The ribs are the least meaty part of the different cuts. However, this cut is probably one of the best. It is usually roasted, grilled, baked, braised or smoked. When cooked right, it is fall-off-the-bone good!! A set of ribs (5 or more) know as a rack, is extremely delicious with BBQ sauce.


Also called the short plate, this cut includes the short ribs, contains a lot of cartilage that is good for braising and is often times used for making ground beef.

Short Loin

Can you say tender?! This cut of meat is where we get many of the most delicious and tender cuts of meat. It includes cuts like the T-bone, porterhouse and strip steak.


Sirloin is another extremely tender cut that is a great choice for roasting or barbecuing. The sirloin includes possibly the finest cut of beef, the tenderloin, and is where we get filet mignon which is made from the very tip of the tenderloin.


This cut can often times be tough when grilled which is why it is marinated first. It is suited for braising or for making ground beef.


This cut is basically the back leg of the steer. It is fairly lean cut, but can be tough. Beef round is best prepared using moist-heat and is a great choice for pot roast!